Got a Chinese only Youth router from Xiaomi? And want English firmware?


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Well, I did!

Seems like sellers are shipping their routers with different firmware’s. Some come with Chinese only and some with a option to change it to English if it haven’t been done already.

If you are one of the unlucky ones who got one with Chinese language only, keep reading! I’ll show you how to flash your router and change it to English. This guide is for the mini version of the Xiaomi router, the one powered by a micro usb.

If you haven’t bought one, I can recommend this seller as that unit came with English firmware.


Let’s move onto the guide:

Download english firmware and keep it somewhere on your disk.

Then logon to your router, it’s default address is, now you will see something like this:

Proceed by pressing the blue button, and this will show up next:

In the first text-box you enter WiFi ssid, and second box is WiFi passkey. The click the button to proceed to next step.

First text-box is the router “location”, really not important. Whats important is the second one, which is the login password for administrating the router. The check-box underneath is to copy settings from WiFi, which makes the password for login exactly the same as WiFi passkey. Not recommended, and should be something else! Then click the button to proceed to next step, router will now restart and show a orange led, wait until it’s blue and refresh, or reconnect if your on WiFi.

Now login with your password. Then click arrow.

You will now click the second text up in the middle of the screen, which is highlighted in white bold text. Second click the orange circle. Then the first button (grey button) under the version number in blue.

Now choose file and select the English firmware, and click the blue button to upload it to flash memory.

It will now show this while it’s upgrading to new firmware, give it some minutes. The led will turn orange again and blue when it’s done. It might actually be in English when you logon next time, but if it’s not I’ll show where you can change it.

Navigate to the same page where we found the firmware upgrade button, but this time scroll down to the bottom.

There should be a drop-down text-box which you can select English language, and it will change to English!

You now have a English Xiaomi Youth mini router!


Xiaomi Youth Mini Router – English Firmware!


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I was looking all around the web for this firmware,  since mine came with Chinese and no option to change it in the router gui. Luckily a Chinese sellers from aliexpress sent it to me!
So I thought I could share it here, so that if anyone other needs it they won’t have the same struggle finding it.

PS, this firmware isn’t english by default, it requires you to go into settings and change language. There are several videos on youtube explaning this.

Click here to download

Please leave a comment if you have questions.

How to fix the FN key problem for Asus Laptops!

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Lately my FN key has stopped working after a reboot, I find this quite annoying cause I have disabled the led backlight on my G75s keyboard and disabled the touchpad.

Well, it seems like theres a program thats not starting or crashing the HControl.exe. My solution is just starting that program again. It can usually be found in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ATK Package\ATK Hotkey\HControl.exe

To fix it, just hit start, and paste the above line and run it. Then it’s working!

Update: Pings 1.2

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A simple and easy to use network ping software, 100% freeware!

Simply add hosts into a list, and the program will ping each host, great for monitoring several hosts. You can also adjust max delay time before a host is considered as down, also increase or decrease ping interval.

News in 1.2:

– New: File, New option.
– New: Shows average delay.
– New: Uptime in percentage.
– New: Option to remove host after specified failed pings.
– Bugfix: duplicate ip possible.
– Bugfix: Several small adjustments & bugfixes.

DOWNLOAD Pings 1.2

Review: Dealextreme WIFI Dongle

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I just got the new wifi card I ordered from dealextreme, and what suprised me was that it was bundled with a Benini Linux Live Disc. And from that linux distro you can actually run a wifi password cracker. Also comes with a simple guide to cracking WEP/PSK etc. I tried on my own router with WEP, and it found the key within minutes!

It only costs 23.8 USD, and IMO its worth it!

– IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11nup to 150 Mbps raw transmission rates
– High 1000mW transmission power for ultra long range operation
– Supports 64, 128, 256-bit WEP, WPA, WPA2 security mode
– Supports WMMTM (Wi-Fi Multimedia), BT3, Software AP (Access Point)
– USB 2.0 connectivity
– 2.4GHz-2.484GHz frequency
– Detachable antenna
– Operation range up to 500m (indoor) / 1000~2000m (outdoor) – manufacture rated
– Supports Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, X64, Vista, Mac, Linux
– USB cable and 2* drivers CD included

Link to the card.

Program tip: EasyTimer 1.0

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My latest small app, the easy timer. It’s a simple timer application, with alarm sound when the time runs out. Can be minimized to tray, and pops up when times over.

But it got a advanced set of extra features:

* No pop up from tray, stays hidden even after time runs out.
* Mute, alarm makes no sound. Nice for starting apps.
* Close after alarm is over, also nice when starting apps or such.
* No installation at all, just unzip and use. Portable and small.

Custom Launch:

Here you can specify what file to open when time runs out, can be used as a custom alarm sound if you select Mute Alarm, and points to a wav file. Or it can open a certain application. Endless possibilities.

Launch a web address:

Opens a web address of your choice when the time runs out. This could be anything from a web page you need to check when time runs out or just for fun at a friends computer showing up something funny or nasty tongue.gif

But the basic feature is for making stuff in the stove, pizza, baguette etc.

Download EasyTimer 1.0

And as always, it’s freeware.

Old vs New, EEE 701 vs 1000H

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Just bought me a Asus EEE 1000H, and tought it would be interesting to test it against the older 701. Infact the 701 was the first ever EEE!

All benchmarks where done while both of eees plugged into the adapter, and both 100% battery. The eee1000H put on Super Performance Mode. And the eee701 left as it is, since it doesn’t have that feature.

First out is the SuperPi run:

As you can see the Atom does quite a nice job here, almost twice as fast when doing 512k. Then I installed Everest Ultimate Edition for further testing of the eees, running the Jula and the Queen cpu and fpu tests:

Click on the thumbnails for a closer look.

EEE 701
Queen: 1206
Julia: 245

EEE 1000H
Queen: 3974
Julia: 823

Now for the last test, purely disk performance using HD Tune.


The 1000H is faster! But hey, what did you expect? Tho the SSD on the 701 got a nice access time 🙂

LifeBiz 0.3 Release!


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Yes, finally 0.3 version is ready. It’s been quite a long time since any updates about lifebiz, cause islandbiz took at the time. Anyhow, version 0.3 contains many new features and fixes.

Also the GUI took some refurbishing, and I believe it’s better than before. One of the great new features is the fridge/storage. As before when you bought a Bread he ate it at the same time. That doesn’t happen now, you buy it and it’s stored in the fridge, so that you can choose when you’d like to eat it.

The game is now paused while you visit hospitals, cars hops, grocery stores etc. Anyhow, just download and try it. As always it’s freeware.


0.3 Changelog:

+ Ability to buy, repair, upgrade and sell cars.
+ More features to the health, transplants, more pills etc.
+ Features a more floating stocks calculation.
+ Ability to purchase and rent out properties.
+ Better food system, you now buy food. And its stored in the main screen
and you choose to eat it when you want to.
+ Can develop alcoholism, the AI then drinks by itself if there are vodka, wine etc in storage.

+ Can develop nicotine-abuse, same as with alcohol.
+ Interest is now shown in the bank.

+ Some bugs removed.
+++++ Several other small things.

.NET Framework 3.5 is required.

GTA IV soon :D

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It’s gonna be awesome, no doubt about that. I’m really looking forward to this epic game. Playing free mode with friends. Just goofing around, making stuff blow up 😀 The gta spirit!

I just hope the server browser and servers with 32 players will run quite smooth, cause there will be some calculations to be made when 32 users are driving around causing havoc :P.

One of the great new features compared to the game on consoles is the support for up to 32 players in multiplayer, instead of 16. And lets not forget the Video Editor they put into the game. This will give the creative minds out there a real boost 🙂 I’m guessing YouTube will be filled up with stunts, shootouts etc.

At the moment the game is available on steam for pre-purchase, which also includes Vice City.

Release dates are 2 December for North America, and EU 3 December.