Build Log: 250mm FPV Quad

Category : RC

The 250 size FPV quads are getting more and more popular, and with good reasons. They are very handy in size, and quite capable. So of course I had to build myself one. There are many finished frames to choose from, some pricey and some not. But I went with the solution that gives most bang for the bucks imo. The 3 layer carbon frame from HK in combination with wooden arms.

Parts List:

I think that summons up the main parts, of course there are stuff thats not listed like screws, nylon standoffs etc etc. The reason I made the feet 270mm are because of the props reaching the frame if I made em 250mm. Mostly because I mounted the motors using the cross, this way I loose around 1 cm. If I had used aluminium arms I could have use M3 screws from inside the arms.

Since a regular power distribution board couldn’t fit I had to come up with some alternative. The solution was a piece of copper sheet, which I cut two thin strips from.  Should hande my amperes nicely:

Well, after soldering on a JST and a XT60 connector I closed up my plates for now, I don’t think I need to open them up again, I can access most stuff from between the plates.



Rlink LRS – New promising UHF LRS system?


Category : RC

This new and exciting LRS system looks very promising.


It’s priced at around 150$ for a complete set, which includes a TX, RX, wires & antennas. I bought one set as soon as I’ve read some about it. Haven’t had the time to test it other than binding and seeing that it works. I also measured the output power to around 7-900 mW in LOW and 1400-1700m W in HIGH. The power consumption are a little bit higher than most other LRS systems, but IMO it’s not a big problem.

Range tests from users at rcgroups seems to be pretty decent, around 70 km in low power mode and with stock antennas.

Key Features:

Super high sensitivity as -115 dBm
RSSI output(analog buffered) in separated channel on the Rx side
Frequency configurable from 410-510Mhz
Firmware upgradable
16 channels (using two RXs)
Handles any standard PPM stream
And the best of all, the devs are active on the rcgroups forum, they are also on skype and are very happy to help out there too.

Links: – 133$ TX & RX
Royalway-tech – Makers of Rlink