Category : Minecraft

I’ve just recently discovered this awesome game. It’s a combination of Garrysmod/Cortex Command/Dwarf Fortress/Clonk, and Blockland.

To keep it short, you mine blocks to get different materials or building blocks. Then you can farm, hunt, craft etc. That is if you bought the game and get to test out the indev version. If you haven’t bought it, you can try out the survival mode. Or the sandbox single-player or multi-player where it’s all about building and digging. Which is also very fun, especially in multi-player mode. Read more about the game here.

To keep it short, you need to give it a try!

A few screens:

Overview of my farm, on the walls are torches to light it up when night time comes sneaking.

The “inventory” where you can see my armor, and all my slots for weapons etc.