Arduino: Showing CPU load with 9 leds!


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My new project, is a simple led-strip which shows CPU load. 9 led’s are used for this, could have used more but my tiny breadboard couldn’t hold more. Anyhow, it uses serial communication to receive how much the totalcpu usage is. For this you need a C# program running on your computer, it just sends a value from 0-100. And the Arduino reacts and lights up leds accordingly to how much load your CPU got.

I will not go into how you make the program in C#, therefore I’m uploading the .exe here for you to download. I’ll also include the source-code for it.

What you need?

1x Arduino
9x LEDs
Some wires

1. Wire it all up like in this Fritzing picture.

2. Load up the Arduino with the following program.

3. Download the C# program here.

When you start the .exe file, you only need to select which Com port the Arduino is using. And the click connect, and then it should start communicating with the Arduino. And show cpu load.


PS. If you got any questions etc, please take it in my forums post here.

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I was looking fantastic just that.
I realize I could get more information?
What is the model of Arduino?
I have to Programming Arduino?
I have more pictures of this project, the arrangement.
I admire much of his projects, is a genius.
Thanks sorry for my english

[…] Click here to go to the project’s official page! […]

You really should use some resistors with those leds…

Hi, I am running your CPU Loader app and for some reason it is bombarding the serial with CPU load day like every ms, is there a way to set it so that it only sends an update every 5 seconds? Otherwise, nice app! Do you have source code to your CPU load app? Would be much appreciated/ Thanks!

Xtrykr: The source code is in the .rar folder.

Adam: Nah, never bothered, got 500 very cheap from a shop. So if someone goes then too bad 😛