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We are a few guys playing on my minecraft server and wish new players welcome! Server is located in Norway, it’s limited to 25 players atm. Whitelist is enabled, so please send me a pm, or an email. My email adress is stigern (at) You can also register on our forums and apply there.

Common sense is our main rule!

Only running a few mods with bukkit. The most essential mods, like /home and such.

1. Do not steal, or destroy others creations.
2. No Griefing.
3. Do not lit forest on fire, if you need to. Ask a OP for permission and plan it wisely.
4. No Cheats(noclip, item spawner, etc).
5. No Random Attacking. PVP Allowed if both parts agrees.
6. Chop down a tree? Plant 1-2 new =)

Server specs:
Core2Duo E8400 @3Ghz
8GB Ram
12/5 MBit Connection
Uptime 24/7 with UPS

Server adress:
Default port 25565.
Update 14.12.2011:
Server is still running, and now using minecraft 1.0 with bukkit and a few mods. New members are still welcome!