Getting RSSI from your Lawmate RX-1260


Category : RC

Just a quick “tutorial” on how to obtain RSSI voltage reading from you Lawmate. Lets just get started.

What you need:

* Lawmate RX
* Soldering Iron
* A few wires

Lets start by unscrewing all screws on the casing. There are a total of eight.

Gently take off the aluminium casing, and lift the internals out. There are two plastic hooks, one on each side of the PCB that needs loosening while lifting.

Solder negative wire somewhere on the shielding, and the plus wire to the last pin on the right side.

Close up the casing, and or drill some holes for you wires to come out. You will now be able to read the RSSI signal:

No Signal: 0.86 volts
Max signal around: 4,5 volts