Update: Easy Timer 1.2


Category : Windows

A simple yet powerfull timer application for windows.

It’s a simple timer application, with alarm sound when the time runs out. Can be minimized to tray, and pops up when times over. Can even start programs, soundfiles and shutdown the computer when it runs out.

Customize it to your use!

Features, new ones are in bold:

* Shutdown, powers off the computer when the timer runs out.
* Popup Message, show a message when the timer runs out.
* Added hours to the timer, now you can add up to 23 hours.
* No pop up from tray, stays hidden even after time runs out.
* Mute, alarm makes no sound. Nice for starting apps.
* Close after alarm is over, also nice when starting apps or such.
* No installation at all, just unzip and use. Portable and small.

Download Easy Timer 1.2!