Old vs New, EEE 701 vs 1000H

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Just bought me a Asus EEE 1000H, and tought it would be interesting to test it against the older 701. Infact the 701 was the first ever EEE!

All benchmarks where done while both of eees plugged into the adapter, and both 100% battery. The eee1000H put on Super Performance Mode. And the eee701 left as it is, since it doesn’t have that feature.

First out is the SuperPi run:

As you can see the Atom does quite a nice job here, almost twice as fast when doing 512k. Then I installed Everest Ultimate Edition for further testing of the eees, running the Jula and the Queen cpu and fpu tests:

Click on the thumbnails for a closer look.

EEE 701
Queen: 1206
Julia: 245

EEE 1000H
Queen: 3974
Julia: 823

Now for the last test, purely disk performance using HD Tune.


The 1000H is faster! But hey, what did you expect? Tho the SSD on the 701 got a nice access time 🙂