GTA IV soon :D

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It’s gonna be awesome, no doubt about that. I’m really looking forward to this epic game. Playing free mode with friends. Just goofing around, making stuff blow up 😀 The gta spirit!

I just hope the server browser and servers with 32 players will run quite smooth, cause there will be some calculations to be made when 32 users are driving around causing havoc :P.

One of the great new features compared to the game on consoles is the support for up to 32 players in multiplayer, instead of 16. And lets not forget the Video Editor they put into the game. This will give the creative minds out there a real boost 🙂 I’m guessing YouTube will be filled up with stunts, shootouts etc.

At the moment the game is available on steam for pre-purchase, which also includes Vice City.

Release dates are 2 December for North America, and EU 3 December.

CarBiz, new tycoon style game from the maker of GameBiz

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You might have heard about GameBiz 1 & 2, they have been out for a while. And are some great games, if you haven’t got the chance to try them you should.

But over to the latest game CarBiz, where your main goal is the be a successful car maker. And that can be very challenging from time to time 🙂

You start out with selecting what year you want to start making cars in, usually it’s normal to start in the early life of the modern car as we know it, yes it’s the 1920s. Then you choose what region to fond your first sales office and factory in.

After that it’s over to where it all begins, you are in control of your own company! From here you can do whatever you want, you are in total control :). But the first thing on the todo list is to make a new model. You choose what engine and much more like suspension and safety (this is more important later on in the game).

To keep the competition up, or to just survive in the market. You need to research new designs for your cars, also new suspension, safety etc.  Cause no-one will buy a old and outdated car?

To keep up researching and producing cars you need workers, these can be hired and set to work.

From here one you need to set a price, you can also specify prices for each of the regions if got a sales office there. Cause sending cars to other regions costs more. As the weeks pass by you can view the stock market and check what value your company got, or buy other companies.

Later on in the game you can set up your own wind tunnel, to check the efficiency of your car designs. There is also a possibility to build a motorsportcenter. To participate in race events, hiring drivers and such.

I would really recommend this game, it’s very fun and interesting. And has keept me up some late nights, trying to be the most successful car company 🙂

Demo can be downloaded here, and pro version costs 9.99 euro.