VB.NET —> C# and RC update.

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It’s about time, lets leave VB behind!

I jumped over to C#, which is a .NET language just like VB.NET. And since god almighty Microsoft has these nice looking, somewhat fresh and delicious express editions. The choice was easy, and of course I’m used to Visual Studio from when using VB 6.0 and VB.net 2005 & 2008 express editions.

One of the big differences I noticed when starting with C# was the { and }, also the case sensitivity. Now when looking back at some VB code, I got problems reading it. It’s so messy 😛

I’ve also bought a book from Uncle Sam, the Sams Teach yourself Visual C# in 24 hours. It makes the change easier, it covers the basics of the Visual Studio and the C# language. Which is just what I need!

So, over to the RC front. Theres not happening anything right now, since theres a cold winter going on. And almost bad weather everyday.

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