Update: KeyPresser 0.2


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Yes, I added some more features to the key press program.

Current Features:
Many different intervals for buttons to be clicked.
Custom buttons, lets you write you’re own button combination to be pressed.
Default buttons, like enter, page up etc.
Minimize to tray, hides it while running if you want.
Also logs how many key presses made.
NEW, delayed start.
NEW, F1-F12 and more predefined buttons.

Of course it’s freeware, and you might download and share it as much as you want.

Download KeyPresser 0.3 (0.2 is old…)

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can you make it run on an inactive window?

Nope, but I’ll look into that for a 0.3 feature. 🙂

hi im mico i really dont know how 2 get it 2 work or it allway saya error missing file

Hi, it might be that you’re missing .NET Framework 3.5
Get it here:


Install it, reboot and try again 🙂

Works great! Thanks! 😉

how does control + e or spacebar work in this program?

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