Got a Chinese only Youth router from Xiaomi? And want English firmware?


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Well, I did!

Seems like sellers are shipping their routers with different firmware’s. Some come with Chinese only and some with a option to change it to English if it haven’t been done already.

If you are one of the unlucky ones who got one with Chinese language only, keep reading! I’ll show you how to flash your router and change it to English. This guide is for the mini version of the Xiaomi router, the one powered by a micro usb.

If you haven’t bought one, I can recommend this seller as that unit came with English firmware.


Let’s move onto the guide:

Download english firmware and keep it somewhere on your disk.

Then logon to your router, it’s default address is, now you will see something like this:

Proceed by pressing the blue button, and this will show up next:

In the first text-box you enter WiFi ssid, and second box is WiFi passkey. The click the button to proceed to next step.

First text-box is the router “location”, really not important. Whats important is the second one, which is the login password for administrating the router. The check-box underneath is to copy settings from WiFi, which makes the password for login exactly the same as WiFi passkey. Not recommended, and should be something else! Then click the button to proceed to next step, router will now restart and show a orange led, wait until it’s blue and refresh, or reconnect if your on WiFi.

Now login with your password. Then click arrow.

You will now click the second text up in the middle of the screen, which is highlighted in white bold text. Second click the orange circle. Then the first button (grey button) under the version number in blue.

Now choose file and select the English firmware, and click the blue button to upload it to flash memory.

It will now show this while it’s upgrading to new firmware, give it some minutes. The led will turn orange again and blue when it’s done. It might actually be in English when you logon next time, but if it’s not I’ll show where you can change it.

Navigate to the same page where we found the firmware upgrade button, but this time scroll down to the bottom.

There should be a drop-down text-box which you can select English language, and it will change to English!

You now have a English Xiaomi Youth mini router!


Xiaomi Youth Mini Router – English Firmware!


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I was looking all around the web for this firmware,  since mine came with Chinese and no option to change it in the router gui. Luckily a Chinese sellers from aliexpress sent it to me!
So I thought I could share it here, so that if anyone other needs it they won’t have the same struggle finding it.

PS, this firmware isn’t english by default, it requires you to go into settings and change language. There are several videos on youtube explaning this.

Click here to download

Please leave a comment if you have questions.

ESC sync issues with SimonK?

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I remember back some time when SimonK had some sync issues with some NTM motors, but that got sorted out quickly by Simon. So I have not really thought much about it till recently when I was going to build me a small fpv quad.

It seems like high pole count motors are especially prone to develop sync issues. This caught my attention since my new quad are going to use some 2204 size sunnyskys with 16 pole count, which is considered a high count (some say more than 12 is). So I dug around the forums and found this thread which several users are experiencing everything from sync issues to burnt motors.

bickie @ rcgroups: I noticed when running this motor it stutters when running (all other motors are fine on the same ESCs – HK F10A + SimonK)

It seems like several user are experiencing the same problems using the Hobbyking F10 esc and simonk. After some more reading it become quite clear it isn’t the ESC itself, but the firmware. The bottom line is to change to BLHeli, so it seems for now. Since it’s most likely a firmware issue I guess it isn’t long time until Simon fixes it. BLHeli also supports the popular Afro ESC series from hobbyking now!

sskaug the developer of BLHeli wrote this great article explaining the sync issues! Read it. You might also be interested in my guide for flashing BLHeli. It’s the same principle for all ESCs except you need to change to the corresponding .hex file.

If you’re not into flashing there is a alternative, the Hobbywing Platinum series. They are special designed for multirotor use, might be worth checking out if it seems interesting.