Some of my favorite Applications!

Category : Windows

Just thought I share with others what my favorite apps for windows are, not only are they my most used apps but all of them are free. Anyhow, lets just begin!

1. Google Chrome – the best browser imo.

2. Tight VNC – Just love this simple and easy to use vnc software.

3. FileZilla – good and free FTP client & server.

4. Spotify – need to say more?

5. Realtemp – CPU & GPU temp monitoring software.

6. InfraRecorder – the best all-round DVD/CD recording software I’ve ever used.

7. VirtualCloneDrive – funny thing, when Windows 7 was released daemon tools didn’t work. So I started using this instead, and I’ve been using it since.

8.  Songr – simple and easy to use mp3 downloader, uses 16 mp3 search engines.

9. HDD Health – use it to check if a disc is failing over time. Did a pretty good job when my 1TB disc died. Warned me some weeks before.

10. Paint.Net – I use this instead of Photoshop, since I got a kind of similar GUI.

11. ImgBurn – Great for burning image files, more settings than InfraRecorder.

12. Notepad++ – Beats notepad, great for viewing .nfo files.

13. uTorrent – the one and only torrent client.

Thats the most used and my fav apps. Anything you think I’ve missed? Please post a comment =)