Program tip: EasyTimer 1.0

Category : PC, Windows

My latest small app, the easy timer. It’s a simple timer application, with alarm sound when the time runs out. Can be minimized to tray, and pops up when times over.

But it got a advanced set of extra features:

* No pop up from tray, stays hidden even after time runs out.
* Mute, alarm makes no sound. Nice for starting apps.
* Close after alarm is over, also nice when starting apps or such.
* No installation at all, just unzip and use. Portable and small.

Custom Launch:

Here you can specify what file to open when time runs out, can be used as a custom alarm sound if you select Mute Alarm, and points to a wav file. Or it can open a certain application. Endless possibilities.

Launch a web address:

Opens a web address of your choice when the time runs out. This could be anything from a web page you need to check when time runs out or just for fun at a friends computer showing up something funny or nasty tongue.gif

But the basic feature is for making stuff in the stove, pizza, baguette etc.

Download EasyTimer 1.0

And as always, it’s freeware.