Just upgraded my pc!

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So, it was time to upgrade my pc. Since my old Athlon 64 3500+ couldn’t keep up, also my 7800gt was to blame.

So I ordered a E8400, Asus P5E, 8800GT and a 4gig ram set. And I got a aircooling, yes my old watercooling is crap. And this time I want something safe, and cheaper. I was worried there would be too much noise, since I’d have some more fans in my comp-case. But it’s very nice, It’s the same noise level as with my watercooling. Only “problem” is the temperature, I get around 52 under heavy load.

But my 8800gt was like a big big big tornado spinning up! Much more noise then my old 7800gt, even when running at full speed. So I got a Zalman VF700-Cu, now thats one great cooler! It’s quieter and cooler, also it’s perfect for overclocking. Tried my card at 720mhz(600), but no big performance gain. šŸ˜›

Also got some rubber-thingys from eBay, to silent some 120mm fans. And it works very well, the vibration-noise dissapeared!

Anyhow, finally I can test Crysis at full šŸ˜€

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