Re-Release: Nordicmafia SP Beta 4 R3


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Legger ut siste versjon av NMSP2, B4R3

Liste over nyheter i B4 & R3:
– Noe småbugs fikset i R3
– La til X for å avslutte før spillet er startet.
– Versjons sjekker. (sjekker om du har siste versjon av NMSP2)
– Pause funksjon lagt til.
– Kriminalitet bug fikset.
– Renten er justert.
– Spillmodus-velger er lagt til.
– Club De Gangster er lagt til! (kan fortsatt være en del bugs)
– Spillformen utvides. (for å få plass til CDG ;))
– Rankene forbedret.
– Hasjplantasje bug fikset.
– Rankbar er lagt til!

Last ned NMSP2_B4

OBS, hvis du ikke har det fra før, så trenger du Framework 2.0 for
å kunne spille NMSP.

How to avoid customs/toll?


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We all know when shopping from foreign countries, it’s a pain paying the custom fees. There are some ways to avoid the fees, at least in Norway it is. And now you get to know how to.

There is a “toll-free” limit in Norway and thats 200 nok, over 200 nok you need to pay extra. So there is one good way to solve this problem, at least the method I use the most. It also depends if the seller/shop will cooperate with you. As far as I’ve seen all HK-shops will do so, bending the law is better than getting a unhappy customer.

If you’re shopping on eBay or some other shop, there is always a note-field or some place to write a message to the seller when finishing you’re payment. And in that field I use to write the following:

“IMPORTANT: Please mark package as Gift, and lower the value to under 30$. And remove this message from the reciept”

What that does is, they mark the package as a Gift. There is a Gift limit, and it’s around 1000 nok as far as I know. So if the customs receive a package marked as a Gift, and it’s under 1000 nok it will in most cases pass right trough. This is not a Guarantee, the customs will in some cases open you’re shipment for inspection. Then they will find a receipt, who sends a Gift to someone with a receipt?

So therefore I get them to lower the value on the package to under 30$, in most cases they just look at the package value and since it’s lower than 200 nok they’ll just let it pass. But then again if they now check the contents of the package? Yes now we come to the last point, remove the message from the receipt. So they can’t find a message telling them to lower the value.

And that’s it. All of my packages with this message to the seller has been a success. Notice this, I wrote this guide with experience from the Norwegian customs.

P.S some shipping insurance is calculated from the value of the shipment, so if you’re package is lost…. but then again who often does that happen?

Happy shopping!

Asus Eee on it’s way!

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Yepp. Bought me a laptop for Christmas, actually it’s a present from my father(Yes, I know all the fun is lost when knowing).

The Eee is one of the worlds smallest laptops, and it’s quite nicely priced too! The reason I want a Eee is that it’s a super light laptop, with decent performance. And since I’m not planning on playing those fancy new games with 3D it’s a perfect choice.

Now lets take a look at the specifications:

Display: 7 in (17.8 cm) 800×480 TFT LCD with LED backlight
Chipset: Intel 910GML series
Processor: 900 MHz Intel Celeron-M ULV 353
OS: Xandros (I will install some Windows OS)
Communication: 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
WLAN: WiFi 802.11b/g
Memory: 512 MB DDR2-667
Storage: 4GB(SSD)
Web-Cam: 0.3 megapixel; up to 640×480, up to 30 fps
Audio: Realtek ALC6628
Battery Life: 3(Asus says 3.5) hrs
Weight: 920 g (2 lb ½ oz)

Price? Well, I paid 500$ for it from eBay. And thats including shipping, around 2700 NOK. Pretty cheap! :mrgreen:

Walkera UFO 4#, I want one!


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Oh yes, it’s the new UFO 4# from Walkera. A funky little ufo with 4 rotors, weights around the same as a lama v3. I don’t know so much about these ufos, but the professional ones are used for aerial photography. And as you can guess the Walkera one is not a pro ufo, but a lower costing ufo. And not as crap as the silverlit ufo. got it for around 250 USD.

Walkera UFO4 page


(1). Overall Length: 470 mm
(2). Overall Width: 470 mm
(3). Battery: 11.1V 800mAh Li PO
(4). Main Rotor Diameter: 198 mm
(5). Drive System: 1225 FE
(6). Transmitter: WK-0701
(7). All-up Weight: 190g (Battery included)
(8). Gyro: 3D Gyro

Youtube video here! 

Anyhow, as it’s wintertime and snow this time of year. I’m waiting to get one until the summer. 🙂

So, what rc forums are out there?


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Well, when I started looking for RC forums I just tried google. It gave me some really good forums, and as I got to know them, I found one that satisfied me. That forum was rc-groups. It’s one amazingly big forum, members: 181,208. Yeah!

And with so many members, there are categories enough for everyone. If you got some interest in rc, you can find yourself some part of that forum where you can be. Be sure to check it out if you’re looking for some place ask questions or just to discuss. Or maybe you’re already a member there?

And it’s always good to have some Norwegian forums, since I’m from Norway it would be interesting with such a forum. I found two of those:

But I find these English-worldwide forums much better.

Lama winter Flight!


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The winter time has come, and I’m all ready for it! So I took my lama out for a test flight.

To make sure my lama would survive a crash/dive in the snow, I put the 4in1 controller in a plastic bag. And secured it with some rubber bands. Everything else in the heli should survive a crash. Also the lipo JST plugs I put some tape on them. So they keep water out.

It’s very fun and a bit scary flying over the snow, but this day the weather was perfect! No wind at all, and around -3 Celsius. What I was excited about was if the heli would spin up some snow while it passed over it. But it seems the snow have had time to get a good grip on the ground. I will try to fly some other time when it’s around -5/6 Celsius and a fresh layer of snow has arrived!


Mystery 7.4v lipo, recommended!


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Yes. I’ve had these lipos for quite some time. And all I can say is WOW! For that price, they are more than recommended. They last just as long as a stock lama lipo, and got around the same thrust. Tho I dunno how many charge cycles they can take. So, if you’re thinking about getting some. Stop thinking and order them!

Cheapest lipos out there!

DealExtreme got the cheapest lipo?


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Yes, I was just going trough the new arrivals at DX as usual. Since they get like 30-40 new products every day, it’s fun too see how much crap they sell. They even sell a portable water pipe, yes they do!

Anyhow, I saw this very cheap 7.4v 900 mAh lipo, for only $7.78! Now thats a bargain! So I ordered me one too see if it’s any good.

Notice how their logo is in flames? Now I’m suspicious…

IslandBis 0.3 Release

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Yes, I’ve been working on this game for a while. And decided it was time to put it out for the masses (hehe).


Also, if you havent got it. You need Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0.
Can be found here.

Blue Arrow 2.5g Servo

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So, I got some cheap BA 2.5g servo`s for my 5#6. Not sure if I want to change them yet, since my stock servo`s are in working condition. Although the BA servo is around 0.6 g lighter than the stock servo. So it might save me some weight, and be more precise.

To make them fit my 5#6 I need to change the connectors, and glue the pieces that keep the stock servos onto my BA ones. Also I’m a littlebit worried that the servo wont get enough voltage. They are 4.8 – 6.0 v, but some on rc-groups got them working fine.

I also weighted them, and the stock ones are 3.6g. The BA are 3.0g, this is both with wires and plugs.

So, when the day comes that my stock ones starts acting weird. It’s just to attach those Blue Arrow servo`s =)