My Makerfarm Prusa i3v 10″

Category : 3D Printers, Electronics

Thought I write a quick review of my Makerfarm Prusa i3v 10″.


Of all my printers this is the one I’m most satisfied with, mainly because of it’s large build area and speed. It’s also easy to modify.

I’ve changed a few thing on it, to improve the quality and speed:

Wider spool holder


The on that came with it wouldn’t fit all my different rolls of filament, so I printed out this part from thingiverse.¬†Basicly just makes it hold wider spools, fit’s perfectly. Make sure you print it will high infill rate, I used 80%.

Aluminium heat bed mount & isolation


I used a thin sheet of glava isolation which greatly reduce heatup times, and a aluminium bed mount. The bed mount makes it more rigid as large wood sheets tend to flex. You can find glava or similar rock/glass isolation at your local hardware store. Makerfarm sells the aluminium bed upgrades. Click here to get it.

Astrosyn stepper motor dampers


Not so easy to see in this picture, but it’s impressive how quiet it became after I mounted these to my X and Y axis motors. Haven’t bothered to install dampers to my Z axis motors yet, since they aren’t running all the time while printing.

I also added washers to all my screws holding the motors in-place, this reduces pressure on the wood pieces. Not sure if this is necessary but I felt the small screw head was drilling it’s way into it.

These are the dampers for Nema 17 steppers. Since Astrosyn does’t normally ship to Norway I had to contact them and arrange a deal.

E3D V6 with 0.5mm nozzle

IMG_2968 IMG_2966

This one is a major improvement! Faster print speeds and better quality. My main bottleneck now is the extruder mechanism, when running at extremely high speeds it will slip. I had to cut the extruder fan shroud to make it fit on the e3d, but apart from that it’s a easy installation.

You also need to modify your firmware, I got mine from makerfarm with E3D support added. You can download it here.