Bo/arduino advanced light tracker.


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Made a followup to my light tracker, except this one can go up and down. So it follows light in more directions than the other ones.


Made of some cheap plastic-foam, wont last forever but long enough for me to test it.

Program Code!

PS. If you got any questions etc, please take it in my forums post here.

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Would you be willing to share the code? I’m trying to make the same thing 😮 .

Haha me too. That light tracker looks REALLY Cool and very simple. I’m going to look into building one when I get home.

Done, code posted.

Beautiful! Thanks. I’ve already started. This will be my first non textbook arduino project.

Glad to help 🙂

Wow! That’s what I need for a home project! Would you mind to share the electronic schematics and the components you used? Thanks!


It’s basically the same as the one way light tracker, you only double the ldrs etc. Code is shared in this post.

Could you send me the code?(the link doesn’t work)

Please could you send me the code? Link doesn’t work!

Updated the code link:

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